Comendar was originally developed as a university project.  The following documentation, which was written to accompany this project, may be of interest.

Main project report (PDF, 711kB)
A 48-page document explaining the background to the project and describing the work undertaken in each of the phases of the software engineering process.  This is probably the best single resource for information on Comendar.
Technical abstract (PDF, 35kB)
The first two pages of the main project report.  This is a concise overview of the project, with the emphasis on the technical aspects of what was achieved.
Project synopsis (PDF, 334kB)
An illustrated 10-page summary, explaining the background to the project and the work that was carried out.  Although this document necessarily contains some technical details, it is suitable for a non-technical reader.

Comendar has a built-in on-line user manual.  Installation instructions are included in the download package.

In addition, some technical documentation of potential interest to developers, including the specification of the system, has been released under the GFDL and is available from the SourceForge download page.

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