Project FAQ

In a nutshell, what is Comendar?
It's a web application, written in PHP and using a MySQL database, which can be used to add a calendar system to your web site.  It was intended to be used for village communities to share information about forthcoming activities and to help members of the community to avoid forgetting about important events.
How did the Comendar project come about?
The idea for Comendar came to villager John Harris when he forgot to put out his recycling rubbish and wished he had been reminded to do so.  A university project was set to translate this concept into a working web application for use in Bottisham, a village near Cambridge, Cambs, UK.
Who developed it?
Steve Talbot spent approximately half of his final year as an undergraduate student researching, specifying, designing, developing and testing the first version of Comendar.  Many thanks go to the seventeen individuals who helped with the testing of beta versions of the software prior to the release of the first public version, to the university project supervisor and to the system administrator of the village server on which the software was tested.
Can I use Comendar in my community?
Yes.  The source code for the application was released under public licence in June 2004, thereby allowing other communities to benefit from it and other developers to take the code and customise or modify it as they wish.
Can I contribute to the project?
Yes, please do, especially if you have a good idea for an improvement and are able to code it yourself.  You'll find everything you need at the SourceForge project page.
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